How to choose the right projection screen

1. Based on demand and installation location.

The room has a screen area with no window, not affected travel should choose the type of fixed screen.
If the room has windows to the screen we choose curtain wall, motorized projection screen, … so that when not used can be curtain again.
Or the work required to move the product presentation or training, the use of mobile tripod projection screen is the most reasonable.

2.Advantages, disadvantages of the screen type

  • Fixed projection: Used in offices, movie theaters, professional theaters or families with separate rooms with accommodation. The advantages of flat screen are always flat, the screen quality is less than time.
  • Wall monitor: This type of screen is two types that are hand pull and electric motor winding.
    Advantage: less space because it can be rolled in the box when not in use. High mobility is easy to move when needed. Disadvantages: Curtain surface quality is usually not smooth because of poor curtain material. Curtain surfaces are often wrinkled, especially in the middle and lateral edges of the curtain after use because the surface of the screen is unevenly distributed and the curtain system as well as the curtain is not working well, Reduced image quality.
  • Mobile screen: can be screen frame or foot screen, frame mounted, frame mounted electric … but the most popular in the market is the mobile screen 3 Vietnam. Suitable for business trips or outdoor events that require presentation.
  • To overcome the disadvantages of the majority of common screen lines, the REMACO screen was born, in order to give customers the new career, the breakthrough broke the rules, standard image projection . Limit the defects perfectly, meet the diverse needs of customers.

3.Screen Gain

  • Gaain is simply a measure of the reflection of the screen. The higher the rays, the greater the reflection of light.
    Projection screens with Gain = 1 will have the same amount of light as a white panel.
  • A screen with a Gain of 1.5 will have a light reflectance of more than 50% compared to white. Projection Screen Gain 0.8 will have a light reflectance of only 80% of white.
  • Advantage: The higher the gain, the brighter image.
  • Disadvantage: causing hot spots and dazzling. High gain should be offset by the viewing angle of the screen.
    => The REMACO screen is the best choice to completely overcome the disadvantages.

4.The brightness of the screen

  • Professional cinemas are compliant with BS (British Standard) standards. Standard illumination for projector projection is 14 +/- 3 fL (foot Lambert) and 35mm film projector is 16fl. High quality projectors now meet this standard, even those that exceed 18fl. (Digital Projection – UK).

5.Choose curtains

  • The thickness of the screen fabric is also a decisive factor in increasing the durability of the screen.
    The Matte white screen has a 160 degree viewing angle and a 1.2 gain can meet most of the simple presentation needs, not too high.
  • In some cases it is advisable to increase the brightness of the screen by using fiberglass fabric to increase the brightness of the screen.
  • As REMACO screen is combined with high quality fiberglass Polyester fabric
  • The screen has a gray screen that is more capable of displaying dark colors than a white screen, a gray screen is less capable of contrasting than a blank white screen, so choosing a screen cloth white or gray depending on presentation conditions and data presentation, quality requirements as well as the cost of the screen ….
Simulation Screens
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