4-Sided Front/Rear

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Based in Singapore, Remaco manufactures a wide range of projection screens. Remaco has built-up confidence and trust with customers through innovative products and practical solutions.

The PRO Series Motorized Screens and SAS Series Semi-Automatic Screens are two examples of our products that break the norm. Besides screens, they also manufacture IR Extender, Projector Brackets, LCD/Plasma Mounts, Remote Control, Controller, Projector Lift and many more.



Cave screen (4-sided)  —-  An Immersive Experience.

A 4-sided screen consists of 3-sides at 90 degree to each other and the forth side which is either on the floor or the roof of the cave. The 3-sides and the roof normally use rear projection and the floor front projection. Each side is joined without any noticeable border. The line where each surface met looks just like a folded paper line. This is important to create a seamless projected image without break in between.

Cave screen is normally used to simulate a real live-like surrounding. For example, it can simulate the internal layout and design of a building before it is built. A person in the cave can walk through the facilities and rooms in live-like dimension.  In another example, for sports like tennis where the tennis court as well as the surrounding stand with full spectators can be simulated. The person in the Cave will be fully immersed in the surrounding image. Cave screen can be constructed in many sizes as per customer’s requirement. 

Remaco having already built a number of such screens has vast experience is constructing various variation of them.

Some pictures:



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