Remote Control and Accessories MIC-807

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Based in Singapore, Remaco manufactures a wide range of projection screens. Remaco has built-up confidence and trust with customers through innovative products and practical solutions.

The PRO Series Motorized Screens and SAS Series Semi-Automatic Screens are two examples of our products that break the norm. Besides screens, they also manufacture IR Extender, Projector Brackets, LCD/Plasma Mounts, Remote Control, Controller, Projector Lift and many more.

Remaco MIC-807 Media Interface Controller is an electronic controller that can be used to control a projector as well as to trigger an electronically controlled screen and designed for user-friendly. By connecting the projector and the screen controller to the MIC, it eliminates the hassle of the use of remote controller, ideal for a simple Classrooms, Training rooms and Conference rooms which require to control for example LCD projector at a touch of button.

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply:

DC 12V power adapter (internal connector)



Projector On/Off

PC / HDMI / Video Input

Blank / Auto Sync / Freeze Selection

Screen Up

Screen Stop

Screen Down


Pre-program Projector Protocol

East self programming

Selection projector brand by using front button

One Touch Selection

LED backlit including sound buzzerOutput:RS 232 (internal connector)

Screen Up (dry contact)

Screen Stop (dry contact)

Screen Down (dry contact)


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