On the basis of regularly through innovation, improved, updated technology world, actively training people to standards, quality policy, to maintain quality system operation efficiency accurate. MSG Vietnam is committed to providing high quality services, to contribute effectively to serve the mission of modern spectators country.


Quality, design products are guaranteed in accordance with customer requirements.
Ensure timely execution.
Professional consulting in operation before the transaction, training and technology transfer transactions, warranty and after sales support.
Technology constantly updated to meet the tastes era.
The management and construction service providers to ensure safety and effectiveness.


Recognizing the role of human factors in the organization, MSG Vietnam always conception of human resources is the foundation for all successful. So the company strives hard to bring modern working environment, professional and attractive. Creating conditions for employees to maximize their own capacity to contribute to the sustainable development strategy of the company.
MSG Vietnam gradually build, improve and develop corporate culture, cheering union activities, worthy remuneration, interested listening, understanding, sharing of leadership to each employee in the company.

These core principles

Product quality and service decide the survival and development of enterprises.
Adding value for society, customers and employees is the goal and the driving force of sustainable development.
Continually improvements to stay ahead.
The company respects and is committed to full implementation of the obligations of the employer to the employee in accordance with the current development law.
All policies, regulations and agreements in the Company towards fairness to all members.
No discrimination by gender, age, ethnicity, creed, religion, hobbies, opinions, personal relationships. At MSG Vietnam all employees are treated fairness, objectivity, obligations and benefits are based on contributions.
Advancement opportunities open to encourage the development, creation of each individual.


Become Vietnam’s leading enterprise in the same field, with international networks and gain the trust of customers and business partners.


Social dedication to the product – services the era with the most comprehensive range.
Always towards satisfaction of customer, create good jobs and advancement opportunities for employees, contributing value and build a successful career.
Become the most reliable partners of our customers and suppliers.
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